The simple automated solution for cloud optimization.

How it works

Easy Steps and Features to Start Saving!

Eliminate Wasted Expenses

Connect Cloud Accounts & Resources

Follow easy steps to connect to your cloud account or subscription. Once connected, all the cloud resources that can bring you savings will be fetched and displayed on the Cloud Resources page.

Schedule when a resource must be ON and OFF

Identify Saving Opportunities and Schedule

Configure the service to suit you: resources, projects & environments. You can turn it ON and OFF as you need!

Work Efficiently

Create Environments & Projects.
Invite Team Members to Help You!

Manage your resources and assign them to specific projects and team members. Create permissions for your colleagues and work efficiently.

Have Full Control

Access and Share your Operational Dashboard

View, download and email reports! Identify and compare savings by team, projects and providers; unscheduled resources and available optimizations.

Work On Demand

Pay Only for the NET Hours.

Automatically start your environments just when you need them and stop them when you don’t use it. Optimize your resources and pay only for the net hours.

Calculate Your Savings

Save up to 70% on monthly cloud bills

Save up to 70% on cloud bills

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